Model Comparison Essays


Which do you like more soccer or basketball?

Have you ever felt excited about sports like soccer or basketball? Have you ever seen people who cheer the team enthusiastically in games? Many people are excited by sports. Specially, both soccer and basketball are not only the most popular games but also the most interesting games. Both soccer and basketball have something in common being exciting games and most people like them. But when you look with critical eyes at these games, you can easily find many differences.

Soccer and basketball each have different numbers of players and playing field size. Soccer has 11 players on a team. The soccer field is larger than the basketball court (about three or four times). So soccer needs many players. And, one of them must play the role of goalkeeper. However, basketball has 5 players on a team, and the basketball court is smaller than the soccer field. Moreover, basketball doesn't need a goalkeeper because the basketball basket is so small.

In addition, there is a great disparity in using the body in soccer and basketball. Each game uses different parts of the body. Soccer

not touch a soccer ball with their hands. If a soccer player touches a soccer ball, the player violates the rules. Soccer players only can use their feet, legs, head, and the trunk of the body. A goalkeeper is the exception. Goalkeepers can use their body including the hands. In contrast, basketball players must use their hands when they play the game. They should not touch a basketball except with the hands. If basketball players touch a basketball with other parts of body except hands, it is a foul.

The last obvious difference between the two sports is the global professional game. It goes without saying that soccer and basketball are official Olympic games. In Olympic games, only amateur players can join in the game. In each country, soccer and basketball have their professional and amateur games. The global professional soccer game, the World Cup, is held every 4 years. Many countries join in the World Cup. The World Cup gives almost all people around the world a chance to take part in the world game. During the World Cup season, people enthusiastically cheer their home team. On the other hand, basketball doesn't have any global professional game. Each country has its own national professional game such as MLB(Major League Basketball) in the U.S.A. and KLB(Korea League Basketball) in Korea.

To the minutest details, people can find many differences between soccer and basketball. These games have different features,

the game, all players cooperate with each other because both soccer and basketball are team games. The cooperation is the most valued ability. People usually are excited by each player's individual skill, but when the players cooperate well with each other, people passionately cheer the team.

Two Similar Cities

Jacky Chan, a famous Hong Kong action movie actor, always says, " Welcome to Hong Kong; it is a wonderful place and you will find what you want there and have a unforgettable trip", in the commercial. Frankly, Hong Kong is no doubt an ideal place

for food and shopping despite its small size. On the other hand, New York, a city of the United States, is a famous travel and shopping place too. Besides the shopping, Hong Kong and New York have other similar properties as well: their economy, fashion and architecture.

Albeit Hong Kong and New York City have different policies adopted, this doesn't take any effect on their economies. Hong Kong has the same economy as New York. Both of them are world famous financial centers; Investors can invest and withdraw their stocks 24 hours through the different time zones of Hong Kong and New York. For this reason, each of Hong Kong and New York's economies are related closely to the stock market.

In addition to economy, fashion is a similar point between Hong Kong and New York. Although, Hong Kong is a place where Japanese fashion is exported, different from New York, many hi-end fashion houses such as Dior Homme, Gucci, Cdg and LV have founded their patent shops in Hong Kong as well as New York. This is evidence that the fashion tendencies of both places are similar.

similar points to compare between them. In Hong Kong, you can see many skyscrapers everywhere, moreover, many estates are founded at least 25 floors high because of the scarcity of land and density of population. It happens in New York as well caused by the same reason.

Even though Hong Kong and New York are located in different places, with different time zones and have different climates and each of them has unique characteristics and plays different roles in the world, in fact, they are very similar. Maybe I can consider immigrating to New York instead of Hong Kong.

American and British English

I studied British English for almost two years. When I was in Russia, I have always been thinking that British and American people speak the same language, English. However as soon as I moved to the USA, I realized how wrong I was: I was using certain words I had studied before and people would not understand me, or they would say that I sounded too "perfect".

Although people in the USA and UK speak the same language-English, there are an increasing number of differences between the two varieties of English. However there are a bunch of similarities between them too. In order to illustrate these differences and similarities I decided to describe one's day in two ways: how I would describe it, speaking American or British language.

Here is the description of one's day in American standard language.

I got up at seven thirty. I put on my bathrobe, went to the bathroom and turned on the bathtub faucets. After my bath I ate breakfast with my parents on the deck. Our apartment is located in a very nice place with a terrific view. At eight o'clock my mom and I took the elevator to the parking lot underneath our apartment building. First we stopped for gas, and then she drove me to school. The freeway was really busy-vehicles everywhere. School was OK, except that we had a math test. I think I flunked it. Anyway, after school I drove downtown to meet my stepsister. She became a grade school teacher after she left college last year. It was raining and the sidewalks were wet. My stepsister gave me a ride home, and then I did a history assignment for the next day, watched a movie on TV and went to bed around 11.30.

And now I am going to describe the same day, but using certain British words. I got up at half past seven. I put my dressing grown, went to the bathroom and turned on the bath taps. After my bath I had a breakfast with my parents on the terrace. Our flat is located in a very nice place with a terrific view. At eight o'clock my mom and I took the lift to the car park under our block of flats. First we stopped for petrol, and then she drove me to school. The motor way was really busy-cars everywhere. School was OK, except that we had a math exam. I think I failed it. Anyway, after school, I drove to the city center to meet my stepsister. She became a primary school teacher after she left university last year. It was raining outside and the pavements were wet. My stepsister gave me a lift home, and then I did my history homework for the next day, watched a film on TV and went to bed half past eleven.

As you can see from these two stones, there are a bunch of differences between British and American English. First of all, the usage of certain words is different. Secondly, the vocabulary used in both varieties of English language is not the same. Some words that are common in American Standard English are replaced with other words in British English.

emergency happens, you may feel lonely and frightened being far from your family. Sometimes you might enter a world that could be almost incomprehensible to you and it takes time to perceive this. In contrast to all these difficulties, you have a wonderful chance to be more experienced and to develop your creativity, discipline and even sense of humor. What is the most valuable is to become independent. Living in a dorm may be the best choice if you are ready for adult life and to be independent.

So, neither living in a dorm nor being at home is the right choice for all people. Both situations have some advantages and disadvantages. The choice is left to you.


Structure of Two Starch Molecules

Starch is the second abundant carbohydrate next to cellulose in nature. A starch granule is composed of two polysaccharides - amylose and amylopectin. The structure determines their properties of them, and affects the functions of the starch granule. There are many similar components of these two molecules, however, they are also different in many ways.

The main structure of amylose and amylopectin is very similar. Both of them are long chains composed of glucose units without any other sugar. The glucose units connect with each other by an a-(1-4) linkage. Some chains have branches by linking other chains with a-(1-6) linkages. Amylose and amylopectin have the same linkage types at main bone chains and branch points. Although their main structures look very simple, with their differences, they compose one of the most complex granules in the world.

Amylose was thought to be a linear polysaccharide; in the contrast, amylopectin has branches. However, a lot of evidence has demonstrated that there are little branches in amylose. The ratio of branches in amylose is 0.2-0.7%; however, amylopectin has a higher ratio at 4-5.5%. The average chain length of amylose is 100-500 glucose units. Amylopectin, with more branches, has the average chain length of 18-25 glucose units. For the degree of polymerization, amylose is only 700-5,000; on the other hand, amylopectin is about 104-105 contributed from its branches. The single chain of amylose can make a complex with iodine molecule, then showing a blue color; whereas, the short

difficulty. Only little long chains of amylopectW can form the complex with the iodine molecule, then show pink color. The branched chains of amylopectin can be classified into A, B, and C chains according to the number of connected chains. The amylose and three types of amylopectin play different roles in forming the crystalline region of the starch granules.

Both amylose and amylopectin are important in forming a starch granule. They have similar structure, however, their differences contribute to their different roles in the starch granule. Scientists have been working on this small granule for more than one hundred years. We keep our enthusiasm of it, apply the knowledge to improve products' qualities, and develop broad applications. By doing so, we hope to create better life for people.